A World Without Families

No father

No mother

No brother

No sister

No home

That’s how the world is going to be


A father sits wooden on the couch

His voice now locked in

A mother shuts the door tight

Letting no one in sight

Brothers and sisters lean on cracked walls

Arguing over the treasury

And then The Order spoke: “Let us destroy the family”

What’s the use

Let everyone be


Fathers begin to tear down the roofs

Mothers smash the already shaky walls

Brother and sisters pull out the floor

We fall and become no more


Walking as orphans in the cold

The Order whispers: “Take care of yourself”

Nobody’s home


Like a foetus

You lie on the ground

Nestled on a pavement

Longing to be found


Live with anyone

Be a stranger

Walk the earth

without your feet on the ground


You will have friends

Maybe plenty of them

But no one shall carry you home

To each man his own

The Author

Before the beginning, the Word was.

From Him was life.

The story of man He began.

For each and every one, He had a plan.


But man fell into sin and the event could not be undone

Never to be with God, his destiny would become,

Yet the Word become flesh and made His dwelling among men.

Good News He made known to them

To those who believed in his name,

He gave the right to become children of God,

forever to dwell with Him in heaven.

At the Cross, in His final breath, “It is finished” He said.

A new story for man would be told.

Forgiveness and redemption now he holds.


This news from over 2000 years ago,

does modern man still need to know,

when progress and philosophy teach him where to go?

The test of time, this message withstands,

For life is in the Author’s hands

And in the final chapter, when man lies in the dust,

the Lord will ask “In whom did you trust?”