Will Shelly Break the Bully?: A Shy Shelly Book 2 Preview

Shelly vs. Jake. Illustrated by Elbert Or.

Shelly vs. Jake. Illustrated by Elbert Or.

Shy Shelly Book 2 is coming soon! The first book ended with Shelly and her friends forming a club sworn to secrecy  The Secret Squad. Now a new adventure awaits in the long and wide halls of Claustro Field Academy.

Huddling for meetings under a hidden staircase, rescuing each other from embarrassing days, shielding each other from school tormentors. This was the Secret Squad. Former victims of bullies, now Shelly’s line of defense. This was Shelly’s group of friends. But one word Shelly would always say, to this strong and opinionated company, was the word “Okay.” Out of fear, she struggled to speak her mind loud and clear.

An afternoon came when Shelly witnessed the Secret Squad’s number one enemy being pushed hard to the wall. Discovering the true story behind the squad's most hated bully, Shelly took a chance to bring him to their secret staircase meeting to give him protection. But he was thrown away. The squad was bent on bringing their enemy down. “Okay” was the only word Shelly could say. But in her mind, she knew she had to find a way.

Can Shelly stop the Secret Squad? Should she be on the side of the enemy? Will Shelly break the bully or break the squad?


The Secret Story of Shy Shelly (Book 1) is available as an ebook at Amazon, Googleplay, iBooks, Kobo, Buqo, Barnes & Noble, and Flipreads. Shy Shelly will soon be available in print!